How to download Android Studio
Android is an open source operating system which is based on Linux. This operating system is currently available for smart mobile devices and tablet computers. It was initially developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance in 2008. Well, here, we will be providing you the tutorials for basic Android programming and its advanced concepts.

What is Android?

Android is a modified Linux based mobile operating system that was originally started by Android Inc. with the same name. In 2005, Google acquired Android and took over its development work to enter into the mobile space.

What Are The Required Prerequisites?

There are no particular required prerequisites to learn Android programming. But, you will definitely get an upper hand if you are already familiar with the Java programming. If you are thinking why Java programming? then you must know that Android programming is based on Java programming.

How to download Android Studio

Download Android Studio from Official website. Its very simple.

Click here for download

Click on Download Option.

Click on Zip file link for your Platform.

Click on Check box of Term & Condition and Click on Download Android Studio Button.